About Marianne

Meet Marianne Hennigar, a skilled Mental Health Counselor, MAPC and additional expertise as a Hypnotist, SE (Somatic Experiencing), and BRSP (Brainspotting) practitioner. With a passion for guiding individuals towards healing and self-discovery, Marianne is dedicated to your well-being.

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

With a master’s degree in counseling Marianne is trained with a specialty in trauma and certified in suicide prevention. She is also a certified hypnotist and blends hypnotic guidance with GFT Flow ™ to support your healing and growth.

My Background

Marianne has been doing healing work since childhood. Extensively traveled and multilingual, she started her journey as a healer by helping her mother who suffered from chronic pain through energetic touch and massage. In 1994 she gained certification as a clinical sports massage therapist and developed her skills as a pain management specialist. People would turn to her when all other methods fell short. Realizing that to be the sole source of pain relief for her clients was a great responsibility she developed a theory of the emotional components of pain she dubbed, Psycho-emotive Anatomy ™. 

My Approach & Philosophy

She created a system to help people help themselves by understanding the language of sensation and pain. Noticing patterns from one client to the next, she found that mentioning emotional and relational experience in an individual’s daily living and how there are corresponding pains in the body actually help relieve pain. For example, right knee pain is commonly associated with a betrayal from a feminine figure. If the identification resonates with the client, the pain lessens, and many times goes away, no touch involved. The body is talking through pain and sensations constantly. Marianne serves as the translator and helps the client understand how to hear the body and react in ways that give relief.